Pool & Patio Security Screen Enclosure

Don’t you hate it when bugs and mozzies invade your fun and food??

Keep your food and guests bug free and safe with a security screen enclosure for your entertaining area.

Whether you’re entertaining on the deck, by the pool, in your bali hut or just on the patio you want to do it without bugs, mozzies or security concerns.

Our signature sledgehammer tough INVISI-GARD Screen Enclosure System will protect you and your guests while providing uninterrupted views

Designed to adapt to your existing deck, the INVISI-GARD Screen Enclosure System can also be engineered as a new addition to your home, adding to the value of your property and value to your lifestyle.

The design possibilities are endless:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Adaptable
  • Floor to ceiling
  • With or without Midrails

If it’s a simple Flyscreen Enclosure for a patio you are looking for, we are happy to help you with that as well. We can custom make both hinged or sliding doors in this area to maximise the floor space and allow access to your outdoor or pool areas.

Need pool compliance, we can recommend reputable inspectors and trades people for your needs.

Stop Thief Security services the Gold Coast and Southern Brisbane, our friendly team can assist you with advice on how to enclose your patio, deck, pool or outdoor area.

Pool and Patio Security Screen Enclosure

Lifestyle, Australian Outdoors, Patios and INVISI-GARD.  Add screen security doors to this mix and you have the ideal opportunity for safe, bug-free alfresco entertainment. Maximise the enjoyment of your outdoor areas with strong, durable and ‘sledgehammer tough’ screens.

INVISI-GARD provides an excellent method whereby you can enclose your patio or outdoor area to make it impervious to insects or intruders whilst not limiting the views, breezes or look of your home. Floor to ceiling screening that can incorporate midrails if you wish to create a sight line, or without midrails for that uninterrupted view, nothing performs as well in this application as INVISI-GARD.

Designed to adapt to existing patio and screen enclosure structures, or to be engineered as a new addition to your home, the INVISI-GARD Patio and Screen Enclosure System offers ultimate flexibility of design to create an outdoor area that can change the way you live.

We also cater for Flyscreen Enclosures to any alfresco or patio areas that will all you to enjoy the area insect free.  We can custom make both hinged or sliding doors in this area to maximise the floor space and allow access to your outdoor or pool areas.  See our gallery below for some of our previous enclosures.

Need pool compliance, we can recommend quality inspectors and trades people for your requirements.  Stop Thief Security services the Gold Coast and Southern Brisbane, our friendly team can assist you with a free quote and advice how to enclose your patio, pool or outdoor area.

INVISI-GARD 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is coated with a black polyester finish

This coating cuts down light reflection allowing clearer visibility and is suitable for outdoor applications. Some competing systems use hybrid epoxy powder coatings which are completely unsuitable to outdoor environments leading to reduced product longevity. Product strength and performance are key factors in making a purchasing decision.

INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Products are designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials and are engineered to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. You can be assured that when choosing INVISI-GARD mesh, you are choosing the finest in Stainless Steel Products.

With so many swimming pools on the sunny Gold Coast, a screen pool enclosure makes perfect sense to allow you and your guests to entertain in comfort, protected from pesky insects, while helping to limit glare and the risk of intruders gaining access to your property. Add value to your property with a beautiful and stylish selection of screen pool enclosures from Stop Thief Security on the Gold Coast.

Pet Enclosures

Protecting your furry companions while keeping a close eye on them has never been easier.

By installing a pet enclosure you can keep your precious pet out of harm’s way while knowing exactly where they are and you can individualise the look and choose the colour to suit the purpose of your pet enclosure.

There are many reasons for having a safe, secure enclosure for your pets:

  • Puppy or kitten toilet training – a fully enclosed space makes the process a lot  easier when you are teaching a young puppy or kitten where not to do their business.
  • On heat – making sure you and your pets don’t become parents to a litter you  didn’t plan for can be a full time job without some kind of boundary to keep them out of trouble.
  • Pets and animals that fight – do you have pets that you love equally that don’t  love each other so much and need to be separated at times?
  • Tempted to wander – does your dog or cat have a wandering eye, forever off  exploring the big wide world outside your home? Help to curb their wandering ways with an enclosure to set the boundary.
  • Bringing home strays – when your precious pet loves to present you with the  perfect gift of a half dead rodent or reptile.
  • Ute dog box – keep your canine companion safe and stable even when he or she  is travelling on the back of your ute with a customised dog box.
  • Ute tool box – make sure your tools stay put when you are on the road by storing  them in a standard or made to measure tool box.

We can customise your pet enclosures and build to your individual size and specifications using your choice of materials from our wide range.

  • Flyscreen or Diamond grille using specialised paw proof pet mesh.
  • Invisigard – Marine grade stainless steel mesh available in huge range of colours.
  • Alugard – Perforated aluminium available in a wide range of colours.

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Pool & Patio Security Screen Enclosures We Installed

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We are thrilled that the screen has been fitted on Friday by Damian. He was a lovely fellow and we were so grateful for how quickly you got the job done. Thank you again

– Cate

Your Questions Answered About INVISI-GARD?

What range of products and colours are in the Invisi-Gard range?

We can customise Invisi-Gard to suit your individual taste and style. As well as being available in a large range of standard colours, Invisi-Gard can also be powder coated to any colour in the Dulux and Interpon range as well as non-standard and timber look finishes.

Invisi-Gard doors, windows and patio enclosure styles include:

  • hinged
  • sliding
  • stacking
  • cast panel
  • emergency exit systems

Does Invisi-Gard come with a warranty?

Yes absolutely! We provide a 15 year warranty to all original purchasers of Invisi-Gard, provided the product has been maintained according to the ‘Care and Maintenance’ guidelines. These guidelines state that the product needs to be cleaned at regular intervals, dependent on your location. For example: If the product is installed on a property on the coast, the period between the product needing cleaning is less than if the product is installed on a property inland, away from the coast.

How much is it - Can I get a quote?

Since every application is customised and made to measure, the best way to get an accurate evaluation is to Contact Us so we can arrange a suitable time to meet with you and provide you with a free no obligation quote for manufacture and installation. This is also a great opportunity to ask our expert team any other questions you may have.

What standards does Invisi-Gard meet?

Australian Standards for security screens are some of the toughest in the world. When installed correctly by Stop Thief Security, Invisi-Gard meets all the requirements set for those rigorous standards.

Does the product require any maintenance?

Very little maintenance is required. Washing the product with a mild detergent and rinsing the soap residue off with clean water from time to time will keep the product looking it’s best for many years. This is also a condition for ensuring the warranty stays valid. You will receive guidelines on the care and maintenance of the product when you make your purchase. If the product is installed on a property on the coast, you will need to clean the product more often than if the product is installed on a property inland, away from the salt air.

How long has Invisi-Gard been in the market?

Invisi-Gard was originally patented in 2000 before becoming available on the market soon after. Alspec own and support the Invisi-Gard brand, they have been a major distributor of aluminium building systems since 1974.

What grade of stainless steel is your mesh made from?

The mesh in Invisi-Gard is exclusively 316 grade stainless steel, this is known as ‘marine grade’ stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion and superior to other grades such as 304. Due to the fact that 316 grade stainless steel looks fresh and unblemished for many years with very little maintenance, it represents excellent value for money.

The combinations and quantities (chemistry) of metals are what determine the grades. The combination in 316 contains 2% Molybdenum, a blending element not found in 304 grade.

Does Invisi-Gard rust?

If you follow the guidelines set out for the Care and Maintenance, Invisi-Gard will remain rust free for the life of the product. Like all stainless steel products, it does have to be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid corrosion.

What is Galvanic Corrosion or Electrolysis?

Galvanic corrosion is the term applied to the reaction created when different metals come into contact with each other when there is also the presence of a conducting element. That element can be salt water, dust, humidity or other contaminants.

The design of some security products need screws, fasteners or clamps to attach the mesh to the frame. This often creates a reaction from the metals in the those fasteners coming into contact with the mesh and/or frame and creates the perfect environment for corrosion.

Invisi-Gard is completely free of screws and fasteners and the different metals are completely isolated from each other making this type of corrosion impossible.

What is the fire rating for Invisi-Gard?

The Australian Standard for Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas refers to the screening of openings with meshes for various Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL’s). For sites to BAL-40, the requirement is that the mesh needs to have perforations less than 2mm and be made from a non-corrosive steel. Invisi-Gard mesh has holes less of 1.6mm and is made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, this makes it suitable for fire sites up to BAL-40.

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