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At Stop Thief Security we manufacture security doors that are tough enough to withstand even the most determined of potential intruders.

Strength and performance are key when choosing a security door for your home, office or commercial space.

We are current members of the National Security Screen Association and compliant with strict Australian Standards for the manufacturing of security screens.

No longer is a screen door JUST a screen door!

Decoview is a newcomer to the screen door market and is revolutionising the industry. Combining gorgeous designs in laser cut or perforated panels with high level security, Decoview protects you and your family while looking like an elegant piece of artwork.

Just as security screen doors have evolved, so too have their accompanying locks.

The right lock for the right purpose and the right property means you can allow access and air flow to the front of the property and entertaining areas without compromising your safety and security.

We DO have the right security screen door solution for you:

  • Sledgehammer tough
  • Decoview option
  • INVISI-GARD option
  • Pivot door solutions
  • Australian Standards compliant

“Sledgehammer Tough” Strength & Performance Security Doors

Home Security Screen Doors Gold Coast, Triple Lock Security Doors, Security Sliding Door Locks play a major part in both homes and offices allowing access to the front of the property and entertaining areas while letting air flow throughout the house without compromising your safety and security.

“Sledgehammer tough” strength and performance are key factors when deciding which security doors to purchase for your home or office. Gold Coast security door manufacturer, Stop Thief Security give you the peace of mind that a quality door is being installed.

Being current members of the NSSA gives you peace of mind that we pass strict guidelines and testing to ensure we conform to all of the strict Australian Standards that are in place for the manufacturing of security screens.

Whether you choose stainless steel security doors using INVISI-GARD mesh or you’re simply looking for a stylish flyscreen with extra protection to block those pesky bugs, the Stop Thief Security team has been trained to answer all your questions to help you get the right product for your needs.

Now introducing a new type of Decorative Security Door to the market, Decoview.  Decoview is revolutionising the security screen industry by bringing together stunningly designed decorative laser cut panels with high level home security.  Thanks to the latest state of the art CNC laser cutting technology, you can choose from numerous laser cut or perforated designs.  Alternately, customise a design to add your own personal flair to your home security screens.

Do you have a front PIVOT door?  We can put a security screen tailor made to fit your pivot door so you can keep the front door open for the breezes and view.  Call our friendly team for a free measure and quote we service the Gold Coast and Southern Brisbane.

To enjoy the peace of mind only Invisi-Gard can provide, complete the form or call us now on 55973773 to arrange for an estimator to visit.

Security Screen Doors

When you call Stop Thief Security for a free measure and quote, our experienced and highly trained consultants will advise you on the best security options available, including home security doors, commercial windows, doors and sliding door locks along with other safeguards. There are several aspects to consider when choosing security products for your home, some of which can add extra security benefits and peace of mind – for example a triple lock security door acts as an added deterrent for potential intruders.

Depending on your home, commercial or office security requirements, you may require one of the following:

  • Single or Triple-lock security screen doors
  • Hinged, Sliding or Pivot doors
  • Door Jamb Adaptors
  • Heavier duty tracks
  • Door closers
  • Pet Doors

Security Screen Doors Manufactured On Site

At Stop Thief Security, all security doors, window screens and grilles manufactured on-site in our factory meet all necessary Australian Standards as per AS5039. This means you can purchase all your high quality security products at a competitive price. If you’re after stainless steel security doors, our Gold Coast factory supplies INVISI-GARD security mesh along with other products.
We can manufacture the following security screens:

We can install insect and security screens on the following types of doors:

  • Single and Double Sliding Security Screen Doors
  • Hinged Doors
  • Stacking Doors
  • French Doors
  • Build-outs
  • Pivot Front Doors

If you have any special requests for your security doors, such as sliding door locks or custom styles, please let us know and we can find a suitable option for your needs and give advice around what will give you the best security and design for your door.

All door screens can come in standard colourbond colours or specialised powder coated colours and finishes. Ask our knowledgeable and approachable staff about our range. We manufacture and supply throughout the Gold Coast and Southern Brisbane.

Pet Doors

What to do when you already have a screen door installed and you realise you need a pet door for your fur baby?

Install an affordable, easy and convenient Petway® Door!

Petway® doors are access doors for your dog, cat or other four legged furry friends, that can be fitted straight into your existing screen door simply, quickly and easily.

Our pet doors can be installed without even having to remove the door and are the most convenient solution for your pet to move in and out of your home while you are at home.

Big, small or in between, cat, dog or other four legged furry pet, there is a solution that not only works efficiently but is stylish enough to fit nicely with your colour scheme and style.

Petway® pet doors come in three different sizes:

  • Small – Flap Opening dimensions are 240mm high x 190mm wide. (Suitable for cats of all sizes and small to medium size dogs.)
  • Medium – Flap opening dimensions are 305mm high x 225mm wide.
  • Large – Flap opening dimensions are 400mm high x 260mm wide. (Suitable for medium to large dogs.)

To choose the most suitable size for your pet door, simply cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions above. See which size your pet is most comfortable walking through.

Available in six different colours to match and complement the colour scheme of your screen door.

IMPORTANT: Petway® doors are not to be installed on any doors leading to a swimming pool.

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Thank you for your advice and service. The young guy who installed them this morning was excellent and a good representative of your company. I felt quite safe leaving him in my apartment while I went to work and returned as he finished up.

– Lorraine

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